Proud partners Ironman Lanzarote, Club la Santa since 2019

Altrient has long been a trusted supplement among triathletes and for the second year running will be supporting IRONMAN Lanzarote 2021, taking place on July 3rd.

The IRONMAN Lanzarote Triathlon is the peak of endurance racing and something only the most serious athletes take on.

It consists of a 3.8 km swim, 180.2 km bike ride followed by a 42.2km run (a full marathon). It’s one of the longest-standing races in Europe and coveted by triathletes as it offers 40 qualifying slots to the IRONMAN World Championship 2021 in Hawaii.

Supporting your energy, performance & recovery

Altrient liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Mineral Complex and Magnesium L- Threonate having passed the Informed Sports doping tests and Altrient B is fully registered with Informed Sports.

The Altrient difference

Altrient cutting-edge liposomal gel supplements are scientifically researched and offer improved absorption delivering nutrients through the bloodstream down to a cellular level. It’s unique nutrient delivery system is especially beneficial with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that in traditional oral forms, are poorly absorbed or get depleted quickly from the body. The difference is in the liposomal delivery!

Loved by athletes

Altrient products have become a firm favourite amongst athletes including...

‘In terms of supplements, the one thing I take regularly is vitamin C supplement Altrient C. It’s amazing at helping my immune system.’
Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill - 2012 Olympic heptathlete

“Since becoming a professional Athlete I’ve had to seek out every single advantage I can get and Altrient has been one of the best discoveries for my overall health and recovery. If you are pushing your body to the limits you need to support it with the best fuel and clever supplements.”
Claire McGrath - IFBB PRO Fitness Athlete and WFF Fitness World Pro Champion

“This is by far the best vitamin C product I have come across. Perfect for keeping my immune system strong during my training for Ironman triathlons. Easy to use and tastes good, too.”
Jason Walkley - 9 x Ironman Finisher, RAF Long Distance Triathlon Champion & World Record Holder

Tried and tested by Informed Sports

To allow Altrient to be represented at Ironman, the formulas had to undergo rigorous doping and clarity testing by Informed Sport.

Informed Sport is a certification programme for sports supplements that assures athletes that products carrying the Informed Sport mark have been regularly tested for substances considered prohibited in sport. In addition, Informed Sport also ensures that products have been manufactured to high quality standards.

Informed Sports Approved

Altrient Vitamin C, Magnesium L- Threonate and Vitamin B & Mineral Complex have all passed the Informed Sports doping tests and are approved for use by Ironman competitors.

Altrient Vitamin B & Mineral Complex is fully certified by Informed Sports