Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C

Irrefutably the best liposomal vitamin C available in the world using our own patented technology

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Most people take vitamin C to support their immune systems and rightly so, as researchers have finally conceded that it does help to reduce the length and severity of the common cold. The need for dietary sources of vitamin C is essential for humans as we are unable to synthesize vitamin C within the body.

Our daily requirement for vitamin C is higher than any other water-soluble vitamin, particularly during times of stress and illness when we need enormous quantities. What many don’t realise is that vitamin C has a multitude of other functions in the body; it's a powerful antioxidant, essential for collagen synthesis, it enhances iron absorption and regenerates vitamin E.The list of health benefits is wide ranging from enhancing wound repair to strengthening cardiovascular health.

Altrient C liposomal vitamin C is also the only food supplement clinically proven to increase skin firmness and elasticity on the face and body by an astonishing 61.4% over 16 weeks, other skin care products simply can’t compare. Altrient C liposomal vitamin C is not only a powerful immune support, but the elixir of youth!