Altrient C


Image of Altrient C
Helps maintain normal function of the immune system, promoting overall good health.
Supports collagen formation for healthy joints, bones, skin, gums, cartilage and blood vessels.
Supports normal functioning of the nervous system, helping the body to cope with stress.
Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue helping to maintain normal energy levels.
Helps to protect cells from oxidative stress, plays a key role in wound healing & tissue repair.

Altrient Glutathione

The master detoxifier

Image of Altrient Glutathione
Supports liver detoxification and regeneration.
Helps protect cells from oxidative stress & free radical damage.
Helps defend against viruses and bacteria, plays a key role in the body’s immune responses.
Helps maintain normal brain function.
Enhances activation of vitamins E and C for maximum healing power.

Altrient B

The master energiser

Image of Altrient B
Vital for maintaining energy and metabolic function.
Contributes to healthy hair, nails and skin.
Supports optimum memory and brain function.
Contributes to healthy cell renewal and function of the nervous system.
Enhances glucose metabolism & helps regulate insulin sensitivity.

Altrient R-ALA

The master antioxidant

Image of Altrient R-ALA
Enhances cellular protection, playing a vital role in regenerating other antioxidants.
Helps regulate insulin sensitivity and reduce the effects of diabetic neuropathy.
Supports liver repair and heavy metal detox.
Supports mitochondrial function helping to reduce excess weight.