Pop-Up Skin Clinic

Get your #skinsights at the Altrient Pop-Up Skin Clinic

From July, Altrient experts are offering free Aram Huvis Pro skin analysis at the #Skinsights Pop-Up Skin Clinic, in selected stores across London. Sign-up for your chance to uncover your deepest skin issues and discover your skin personality.

Uncover your deepest skin issues

The Aram Huvis Pro facial analysis is an easy, non-invasive and completely comfortable scan which provides #skinsights scores for five skin issues:

  • Hydration
  • Pigmentation
  • Premature Ageing
  • Blemishes
  • Enlarged pores
Know your skin better with our skinsights scores and achieve naturally radiant skin

Your tailored skin support protocol

You will receive a Skinsights Results Pack based on your unique skinsight scores and tailored to your skin personality category, including:

  • Details about your skinsight scores
  • Recommended skin protocol
  • Nutrition and lifestyle tips
  • Tailored liposomal nutrition support
All clearly designed to nurture your skin and keep you glowing all your round!

Discover your skin personality

The results of your #skinsights analysis don't just highlight your priority skin issues, they also direct you into one of five Altrient skin personality types - Quench | Flawless | Cherish | Fierce | Closure.

Get your skinsights

We will be going on tour this summer, to help everyone learn more about what is going on under their own skin. From Revital to Planet Organic to Selfridges, we will be in store for you to get your #skinsights.

Start your Altrient protocol now!